The National Youth Council of Nigeria, NYCN, has said despite the shortcomings and challenges facing the nation, there is still hope for the country

In its Independence message to Nigerians, Imo State Chairman of NYCN, Comrade Isdore Chukwuemeka said ” irrespective of our shortcomings and inconsistencies, yet his mercy has brought us this far.

” We may have experienced different turbulent periods in the cause of our existence as a territorial entity, but those are challenges of growth and development which comes in phases.

“We may have been disappointed at various times because of the attitude of those who have manipulated our corporate existence as a nation but we cannot be deterred.

He said as youths, they will not be used as instrument or tools for mischief or things that will undermine the existence of the nation despite their being relegated in the scheme of things of the nation.

” The right attitude and our instrument to win the war against oppressors is unity and sincerity of purpose, courage and confidence.

” All hope is not lost. God is with us and will continue to be with us” he wrote.


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