Ogbako Igbo Worldwide has revealed reasons for the recent ordeal of the Managing Director of Air Peace Airline, Allen Onyeama.

Addressing a press conference in Owerri, Wednesday, President General of the group, Dr.Vitalis Orikeze Ajumbe, said allegations levelled against Onyeama, are insinuated by enemies of Ndi Igbo.

“Those who are insinuating fraud case against Mr.Onyeama are enemies of Ndi Igbo who again, want to pull down any thriving business.

Mr.Ajumbe said Mr.Onyeama may have drawn trouble for himself when he evacuated stranded Nigerians in South Africa.

” Mr.Onyeama’s investment in the aviation industry has reshaped the airline operations. I guess he drew trouble to himself when he evacuated the stranded Nigerians in South Africa, at his own expense and was quickly rewarded by Nigerian Parliament and other well meaning Nigerians and Africans.

“This rose his profile and jealousy stepped in. Some politicians in Nigeria thought he may have interest in politics come 2023 as the Igbos are clamouring for President.

“While some gave it their own interpretations. So, they must cut his wings before he flies. This, we believe, is what is playing out in all these allegations against Mr.Onyeama.

Mr.Ajumbe recalled that several Igbo business interests have been targeted in order to ruin the economy.

“But unfortunately, the harder they come, the harder Igbos survive. Recall that Ibeto Cement case, which crashed the price of bags of cement how he was targeted and nearly destroyed.

” Innoson motors was also targeted. Our traders in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria are regularly targeted. But despite all these persecutions, Igbos are still prospering in commerce, sports, entertainment, education,literature, inventions, hospitality and industry.

He continued ” Is it not surprising that despite all these, the tallest building in Nigeria (17 storey) is in a remote village in Igboland.

He said Igbos have geared up to this challenge and cannot take it anymore.

“The negative Publicity targeted at Allen Onyeama, aimed at destroying him and his business interests, should stop immediately

He continued ” Ogbako Igbo lawyers in the United States of America have been instructed to give legal assistance to Mr.Allen Onyeama free of charge to help him clear his name. In Ogbako Igbo, we protect and promote Ndi Igbo who are excelling in their chosen professions as well as encouraging those who are starting up


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