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Insecurity: Imo Lawmaker, Philip Ejiogu Speaks, Addresses Constituents, Imolites


Giving rise to the recorded cases of unrest rocking Imo State, South East zone, and entire Nigeria, with relation to killings and incessant arrests, the Honorable Member representing Owerri North State Constituency in Imo State House of Assembly, Hon. Amb. Philip Ejiogu has opened up by addressing some of the salient issues bordering on security. 

In a press release signed by the Imo State Lawmaker, which read in parts said: 

“Nde Imo, Nde Owerri North, my good and loving people, the situation in our State, our Constituency and by extension the South East zone and Nigeria in general calls for a moment of sober reflection”.

“I have viewed albeit with deep pain and unquantifiable shock how our once peaceful State and Constituency have suddenly lost all tranquility owing to the emergence of “unknown gunmen” and the consequential response of the security apparatuses”.

“Loss of lives and property caused as a result of this regrettable development diminishes you, I and the entire humanity”.

Hon. Philip Ejiogu continued, “Young men, women, youths and people of diverse age range have all fallen victims of this unwelcome situation and consequentially every family has either lost a son, a father, a daughter, a relation, friend, in-law or suffered huge economic and gruesome torture. This is not a good time for us, my people, it is a perilous time”.

Expressing more concern, the parliamentarian condoled with all bereaved families, with particular reference to his immediate Constituency. 

“My sincere sympathy goes to the families that have lost their loved ones, especially in our Constituency, Owerri North”.

“I want to reassure you all that, I, as an individual, am not keeping silent, much so when the heat of this whole brigandage centers on  our Constituency, Owerri North”.

“In collaboration with my senior colleagues, The Senator of Owerr zone and Federal representative of Owerri federal constituency respectively, and other Leaders, we have made some entreaties to necessary quarters to ensure that the activities of the Nigerian Soldiers are summarily addressed and by the Grace of God, it’s being positive”.

“A Security Summit of our Constituency is also on the way to curb future occurrence. We are gravely loosing our Youths and our LGA seems to be the center of all these gun running activities. This should be addressed urgently”.

“I urge you to please stay safe, be more sensitive to your environment and maintain vigilance. Be mindful of the company of people you keep and be more prayerful”.

“To the government and security apparatuses and leaders, violence does not offer solution where there is disparity of perceptions. There is the need to come to the drawing board for resolution of dissenting issues and restore peace and harmony”.
“Imo State has a culture of peace and as leaders, we must find a lasting solution to the reign of violence and spilling of blood of innocent people”.

However, he concluded thus, “I strongly believe that this situation will likewise come to pass and I wish all safety until the hurly bully is over;Chukwu Gozie Unu Ndi Owerri North na Ndi Imo State”.iNSE




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