A neuroscientist and Chairman, International Institutes of Advanced Research and Training, Chidicon Medical Centre, Owerri, Imo State, Prof (Dr) Philip Njemanze, has revealed that some parts of Europe such as England and Scotland were ruled by ancient Igbo Kings.

He also said Igbo people are the authentic Jews.

“Scientifically and factually, only the Igbo people are called jews (ji uwa- in charge of the world), so the claim of white people as authentic Jews is just falsehood” he told The Guardian.

To further buttress his point, Njemanze added that “I then travelled to many countries of Europe and also collected ancient coins and went to the archives and ancient churches only to find out that the ancient Kings of Europe were black and as I read the Palace writings and ancient coins, I read them in Igbo language.

“Most places like England (nga ala n’ide – isolated land by the river), Scotland (esecota ala n’ide – joined lands by the river), Ireland (ire ala n’ide – tongue like land by the river), Wales (owa ala ose – Channel land by the river) were all ruled by ancient Black Igbo Kings.

“Similar amazing history was revealed when I researched on Japan and China. The first emperor of China was called Emperor Iyi (iyi – water) or the Emperor of Water. It was Chairman Mao in 1956 that changed the name to Emperor Yu in modern Chinese. I now took a detailed documentation of the ancient rock paintings and deciphered the writings in Igbo language. This opened my quest for the past 20 years to assemble the facts laid out in my books volumes 1 to 5 thus far.

Reacting to a question on the manner the African culture is eroding, he said “African culture is based on natural truth.

“The African culture is based on natural truth in agreement with the forces of nature. Even when people derail, the realities of life will hold up under all circumstances.

“The facade of influence of the inferior foreign cultural tendencies is temporary and transitory. Its failings are already evident, because it’s based on falsehood and make belief systems. It lacks the truth tested with time. The entire so-called western influence is less than seven decades. So, there is no way it will out-pace thousands of years old African traditions. The truth is emerging that the African Cosmology is an unchanging paradigm for setting world moral and ethical standards. The attempts for a paradigm shift have left the world population gasping for air for survival” he said.

He said there is a deliberate ploy by the white to make African people forget their culture.  

“The Western ideology is already leading to the destruction of the natural family and human population. The African prolife theology ensures natural growth and development of the family. The Western idea exterminates natural family development, but on the other hand goes to poach people by borderless migration policy at the expense of other smaller nations. The latter is not sustainable as a development model.

“Your readers need some basic scientific information on the age of African peoples and traditions. We know this from the science of population genetics. This is the truth the white will not like Africans and Igbos to know about their origin. In genetics, we use analog names given in the Bible. The first woman was Eve, she had Lo gene. Then, the first daughter had L1 haplogroup gene and gave rise to the Igbo people who are the first humans on earth dating 150, 000 to 240, 000 years.

“The second daughter L2 gene, are people of Southern Sudan, who date 100, 000 to 150, 000 years. Then the third daughter gave rise to L3 haplogroup, which includes every other Black African dating 70, 000 to 100, 000 years. The L3 underwent mutation and gave rise to the White people of the genes N and M haplogroups dating 6000 to 7000 years. So, the oldest people on earth are the Igbo people living in Nigeria with L1 haplogroup.

He continued “The Igbo at an earlier time lived in Egypt as the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt and developed human civilisation. Their hieroglyphics (ihe e ro e gee olu ife – what you think about when you listen to the sound of things) are Igbo pictographic language and I teach it in my books. Unfortunately, because the Igbo offended God, they lost their place and became slaves in their own country of Egypt and were then called Hebrews. God promised them a land called Canaan (oke Nna – allotment of the Father), also called Nigeria (NGR – Nga Orie – the place of God). They were led down here in the Exodus (Chi e du osa – God led the people) by Moses (oma isi osa – the anointed head of the people).

“The account of the Exodus was described in my book: Exodus Part 1. Igbo Mediators of Yahweh Culture of Life Volume 4. The role of each tribe in Nigeria in the Exodus was described in detail with pictures of the burial place of Moses at Yankari and all the cities of Ai and Jewish in Nigeria. Nigeria is the Holy Place of God where all the events of biblical history took place and I show archaeological evidence to back the claim in my books” Njemanze stated.


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