Governor Hope Uzodimma, has been advised to ensure that the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Imo State, field candidates who are capable of winning elections for the party in the 2023 elections

In an open letter to the Governor endorsed by a group of stakeholders in the party led by Hon.Desmond Onuoha and John Igwe, Chairman and Secretary, who operate under the aegis of Imo APC Concerned Faithfuls, they contend that the party Primary should be tailored to “provide winnable candidates for the party for the 2023 general elections. We need candidates without baggage.

The group said the APC in the state stand the risk of losing elections in the state in 2023, “if aspirants with baggage, who lack acceptability in the eyes of voters are fielded as candidates of the party

“We need home-grown candidates. Candidates who understand the ideals of the party and the vision of the 3R mantra of the Uzodimma administration. Only such candidates can guarantee victory for the party in the State against a fierce opposition party, lurking around to displace the APC and regain power.

“Your Excellency, we would be wallowing in self delusion, if we believe victory is already secured for the party . We must work for it and we need to present the right candidates to the electorate to guarantee victory and ensure your second term.

“The APC needs candidates who have not openly supported the present administration, but demonstrated such support and who are in sync with party members and their people. Such caliber of candidates are not in short supply in our great party.

The group stated that “the Governor and party stakeholders should embrace consensus method to select candidates for the party to “ensure the right candidates emerge”

“Consensus has proved to be workable and we strongly recommend it as the best option to select our party candidates” part of the letter read.


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