The Spiritual leader of Owerri, (Onye Isi Ala Owerre), Nwakom Reginald Ejiogu, has warned traditional rulers who are not from Owerre Nchi Ise (Owerri Municipal),not to bless Kolanuts at public functions and engagements held in Owerri.

Ejiogu said it is not acceptable and a sacrilege for a traditional ruler, who is not from Owerre Nchi Ise (Owerri Municipal) irrespective of his position in the Imo State Council of Traditional rulers, to bless such Kolanuts in his (Onye Isi Ala) presence.

He wrote on his Facebook page “The Culture and territory of Owerre Nchi Ise should be respected.

“No man, no matter his position in Imo State Ezeship Council should ever bless Kolanut/Igo Oji in Owerre Nchi Ise again in the presence of Onye Isi Ala Owerre (Owerri Chief Priest) na Ndi Eze Owerre. Every Owerre person should take note of this. This insult must stop” he warned


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