As the Imo State gubernatorial election scheduled for November 11, 2023, draws near, Owerri Zone Awareness Coalition (OZAC) has outlined the key demands that voters in the State should place on the candidates vying for the governorship position.

OZAC, a socio political organization, is advocating for a more discerning and informed electorate and is urging voters to demand specific qualities and attributes from those seeking their support.

In a statement signed by Bernard Anyanwu, the President General of OZAC, and made available to INNONEWS, the organization stressed the importance of assessing the candidates’ capacity, competence, and antecedents.

According to OZAC, any of the 17 gubernatorial candidates who demonstrate these qualities is deemed suitable and capable of leading Imo State. They emphasized that the citizens, especially those in Owerri zone, should be vigilant about candidates who do not meet these criteria.

OZAC pointed out that Imo State has experienced subpar leadership for several years due to inadequate attention being paid to the qualifications and abilities of those seeking to become governor.

“We are advocating for a significant shift in this regard, where, in addition to educational qualifications, the capacity and track record of candidates should be a non-negotiable demand from the electorate” part of the statement read.

In a bid to ensure good governance and responsive leadership, OZAC urged the people of Imo State to vote for candidates who can be held accountable and have the necessary attributes to lead the state effectively.

“This call reflects a commitment to improving the quality of leadership in the state, addressing the shortcomings of the past, and forging a path towards a brighter future” the group noted.

OZAC said it will conduct an extensive sensitization campaign across the state in the lead-up to the November 11, 2023, governorship election.

“The primary objective of this campaign is to effectively communicate the significance of electing a leader who can be held accountable and who can deliver both tangible and intangible benefits of democracy to the people of Imo State, with a specific focus on Owerri zone” OZAC statement concluded.


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