How Willie Okelieogwo Contributed Significantly Towards Uzodimma’s 2nd Tenure

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By Ikenna Orioha

Ambassador Willie TC Okolieogwo is the Sole Administrator of Oru West Local Government Area of Imo State and Chairman, Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON), Imo State Chapter.

Since the inception of Senator Hope Uzodimma as Governor of Imo State, Hon. Willie T.C Okolieogwo has been efficiently manning the affairs of Oru West Local Government Area, as well as leading ALGON effectively hence huge successes are being recorded in the 27 Local Government Areas.

Popularly known and addressed as “Ome Ka Odi Nma N’Oru”, His Excellency, the Governor, has found him worthy of the exalted position given to his academic excellence and administrative ingenuity, hence he retained him as the Sole Administrator of Oru West Local Government Council, after serving as the Interim Management Committee Chairman (IMC) of Oru West Local Government Council/Chairman, Imo State ALGON.

His leadership mettle and acuity spurred his nomination and subsequent appointment as Chairman, Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON), Imo State Chapter, an association he dignifies having led it for over three years. ALGON is very popular in Imo State under his watch.

Being a renowned administrator and a visionary politician, Ambassador Willie T.C Okolieogwo was able to Coordinate the Council Chairmen as they take up their responsibilities even effectively in line with the vision of the Governor, whose desire is to transform Imo State so that peace, comfort, conviviality, social development and economic prosperity will always be the watchwords of the oil rich state.

The Governor’s ideology for Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Recovery has been the watchword of the Sole Administrators who are fully committed towards the full implementation of the developmental agenda of the Shared Prosperity led government.

The rehabilitation of 305 healthcare centres in all the INEC Wards in Imo State which Okolieogwo firmly supervised, the construction of 5km of roads in the LGAs, the distribution of over 900 bags of fertilizers to all the 27 Local Government Areas Farmers at the rural areas to encourage serious farming (food sufficiency and food security), the ongoing employment of primary school teachers, the refurbishment of dilapidated school structures, the building of classroom blocks, installation of facilities, the revamping of Adapalm and payment of backlog salaries of sacked workers of Adapalm and reinstatement of some of the Plantation’s workers who were wickedly disengaged by the Rescue Mission regime, the ongoing construction of housing estates in Oru West and some LGAs, securing of some IROMA Farming Equipments like Tractors.

One’s visit to Oru West Local Government Council and Wards will marvel your curiosity over the level of the infrastructural and developmental strides of Hon. Willie T.C Okolieogwo, as the SOLAD of the local government area.

Other areas of giant strides and achievements of the administration of the present Government include, the dredging of Orashi/Oguta Lake to the Atlantic Ocean, with its attendant socio-economic and socio-political windows, the Construction of General Hospitals in the 3 Oil Producing (ISOPADEC) Local Government Areas of Imo State, the consistent and harmonious relationship and synergy with the Security Agencies is positively taming the tide of insecurity in the State.

Promotion and regular payment of local government workers are all testaments of Okolieogwo’s quality leadership of the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria, an association which has been quite outstanding in support to the government in power to advance the welfare, wellbeing and course of the people of Imo State and others.

Thus, the formidability, sagacity and goodness of ALGON under the watch of Okolieogwo had largely endeared Imo people especially those at the hinterlands to rally support to Governor Hope Uzodimma hence his landslide victory at the guber contest in the state.

Okolieogwo, apart from being a friend of many, is very media friendly. He has always hobnobbed with journalists both those in the print, electronic and the new media. He evenly markets the 3R led administration and the Governor through all the media handles.

These sterling selfless contributions coupled with his humility, meekness, brilliance, joviality, kindness, benevolence, proactiveness, vitality and godliness stand him out among others. Ambassador Willie T.C Okolieogwo has the edge in politics, governance and administration.

The Second Term Mandate of the Governor was made more manifest by the rich campaign and support of local government authorities who worked in tandem with the locals even in thick and thorn.

For them, the Governor deserves the solid support he gets from Okolieogwo and other Sole Administrators of Councils.

Okolieogwo, like majority of Shared Prosperity led administration apostles deserve more accolades even as the Renewed Hope Government is being inaugurated on 15th January 2024 through which another milestone will be recorded.

Okolieogwo, a consummate administrator, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Administration and pragmatic politician, will always propel and project the administration to greater heights.

This is why the Governor fits him in on every state assignment. He is a deliverer of results and he seamlessly does his state assignments with ease and candour.

Due to his outstanding performance in governance and politics, Ambassador Willie T.C Okolieogwo, has been meritoriously recognized by Local, State, National and International Organizations including secular and religious groups.

To put the record straight, Hon. Willie TC, Okolieogwo is the best ALGON Chairman in the history of Imo State Local Government System. His records are ubiquitous and speak volumes of him.

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