2027: No Big Political Masquerade Will Succeed Uzodimma. BY JOHN IGWE

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I have refrained from joining the 2027 Imo governorship discourse because of two factors.

One such factor is that it is early to put on the front burner the issue of who succeeds Governor Hope Uzodimma when he is just five months old in office in his second term.

Those pushing the narrative of succession seem to be hurrying him out of office. No outgoing governor will dance to such political tantrums.

The band of zoning agitators who are saying that it is their turn to produce the governor’s successor in line with the Charter of Equity are missing the point.

They forget that the game of succession is fierce, and unless the governor has lost political steam and momentum, (which i doubt), it is impossible to railroad him into succumbing to the mere political desires and wishes of some individuals, a group, or a zone no matter the reasons.

Owerri and Okigwe zones undoubtedly have a legitimate case to demand Imo governorship in 2027.

They are the most marginalized, having produced the state governor for four years and a meager seven months since the return of democracy in 1999, respectively.

However, what they forget is that no one gives power on the altar of political gymnastics.

Several factors come into play when the game of succession becomes tense. There are primary and secondary factors. Primary considerations always over shadow secondary factors.

The truth is, no big political masquerade from Owerri or Okigwe Zone would succeed Governor Hope Uzodimma in 2027. All the political big names who want to take over from him will fail. Their efforts would end in futility.

It is those who do the political errands, the core die hard loyalists who walk along the corridor of power usually get political elevation in this circumstance.

Political strongmen and big political masquerades are not so favoured in the tussle for succession. 

Imo State will not be an exception. The Imo Charter of Equity is a mere song. I believe it is incapable of being a determinant factor in influencing or shaping factors that will determine who becomes governor in 2027 in Imo State.

Those who are blowing the trumpet of Charter of Equity at the moment want to arm-twist the governor to consent to their rhythm.

Such a strategy has always failed. And it will never work. 

The noise about the 2027 governorship election in 2023 is clear evidence that our political elites are idle.

The reason for this is not far-fetched. The biggest “industry” in the state is politics. This is why politics of 2027 is dominating the narratives in Imo in 2023.

The dynamics of 2027 Imo guber would shock everyone. Its outcome would be a learning curve in the political history of the state. This is a prophecy foretold.

Igwe, a political analyst writes from the U.S.

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