N30b LGA Funds: Tony Nwulu’s Mezie Imo Tackles Ex Gov Ihedioha Aide

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The last may not been heard over a seeming feud between former Governor of Imo State, Hon.Emeka Ihedioha and former member of the House of Representatives, Hon.Tony Nwulu

Mezie Imo, a political watchdog set up by the 2019 Imo State UPP Governorship candidate, Hon.Tony Nwulu, has reacted to comments credited to Mr.Ogu Bundu, a former aide on Research to ex Governor Emeka Ihedioha, wherein the latter cast aspersions on the former Federal lawmaker.

Mr.Ogu Bundu had in a statement made scathing remarks on the exponent of the Not Too Young Run law.

Nwulu’s Mezie Imo had last week demanded both Okorocha and Ihedioha administrations to give account of close to N400b that accrued to the LGAs in 104 months both held sway as Governors of Imo State.

A statement signed by Mr.Frank Ibegbulem, Head Media Office, Mezie Imo, reads in full:


Re: Not Too Young To Run Is Getting Too Rascal To Talk

“Mr. Ogu Bundu, your pathetic and unschooled response to Mezie Imo’s demand that the over N30b accrued to the 27 LGA’s under Ihedioha’s administration be probed is quite worrisome and raises more suspicions.

“Judging from your background as a pool-forecaster now turned hack writer bereft of the ethics in journalism, one never expected you to at least adhere to basic ethics in journalism.

“Howling and casting aspersions on Hon. Tony Nwulu is a fruitless diversionary strategy and a futile attempt from the simple question concerning how over N30 billion naira which accrued to the 27 LGAs during the seven months of the tenure of your boss.

“For your information, Ogu Bundu, Tony Nwulu’s achievements towers globally. From the floor of the hallowed green chamber of the House of Representatives, to the UN General Assembly, the EU Parliament, and the Africa Union,AU, places you’ve only watched on TV in your 66yrs of existence.

“Perhaps you should humbly approach Nwulu to enlighten and educate you. If at 35 years, he had the courage to run for House of Reps and won in Lagos State on the platform of PDP in an APC controlled state, to become the 2nd Igbo man to achieve same feat as Late Nnamdi Azikiwe, for winning a Federal seat in Yorubaland thus breaking ethnic barriers which has remained prevalent in Nigerian politics, then it will be sane to ask what you were doing with your life at 35 years.

“Well, your response has succinctly betrayed your employer Ihedioha as a sadistic, vindictive, despotic, tyrannical, egocentric oppressor.

It is strange that in all your mumbo jumbo against Tony Nwulu, Ogu Bundu, you kept mum on the questions he asked on how N30 billion naira LGA funds accruable to the 27 LGAs in the State during your boss tenure were managed. This further vindicated our position that the funds may have indeed gone up in smoke. We have our facts.

“Your desperate attempt to divert public attention from the issues raised is stomach upsetting.

“However , we will pardon your ignorance and expect that you henceforth desist from dancing naked in the market square with a dirty pubic hair. At your age, one would expect you to be very circumspect and responsible with your response on issues raised by Hon.Tony Nwulu and not resort to baseless insults.

“One would ordinarily expect, you should be worried and concerned that over N1,084,175,593 (Billion) was directly allocated to your local government Nwangele, in the past 8 months and there is nothing to show for it. Perhaps you might even owe your people some explanations as to what happened to their 7-8 months allocation, since you seem to know so much about it and was a part of that administration. I leave you to answer to your people at Nwangele.

“Mezie Imo will not be distracted or intimidated by your ramblings, while we expect the State Assembly to expedite the probe of the over N400b LGA funds under Okorocha and Ihedioha’s administrations.

“We will be making public, another fraud of N300m consultancy fee paid from the government coffers to a governor’s crony. There are more to be said and exposed.

“As for you, Mr Ogu Bundu, I advise you go and get yourself enough coffee because it’s going to be a rollercoaster for you. But be mindful of your old age while at that.

“Although I reckon that coming from your pool-forecasting (Bet9ja) background at Nwangele if you don’t keep up with your despicable hatchet man job, you’ll eventually run out of your only means of livelihood.

“Nwulu, a very vibrant new breed politician understands that perfectly, and as the bigger person in this picture has forgiven you for the insults which is attributed to your ignorance especially in this season of lent. But note that Imo is wiser.

Frank Ibegbulem
Head, Mezie Imo Media Office

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