The All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA in Imo State, has advised the Imo state government not to hijack the 27,000 jobs allocated to the State.

A statement by Chilagorom Ifeanyi, Director New Media, Imo APGA, expressed concern on reports that the state government wants to hijack the 27,000 jobs allocation through some loyalists of the State Governor.

He lamented that since the inception of the present administration, there has been no jobs for the youths of the State.

He said “Since the emergence of the present Imo State government, there has not been job creation in any way to help millions of Imo youths on the streets, to survive in life. Because of this, there has been serious increase in crime, and the government has not seen it as its responsibility to create jobs for Imo youths.

The Imo APGA spokesman advised the state government that the 27,000 jobs should be made open for the youths of the state.

“Therefore, we call on Senator Uzodinma and his team to throw the 27,000 federal jobs allocation free for every Imo youth no matter his/her political background” he stated

The party advised the government “to allow commoners to enjoy these little opportunities from the Federal Government. We are yet to know Senatot Uzodinma’s plans to create jobs for Imo youths and empower Imo women in various means”



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