Orlu Zone Shall Contest For Governor In 2027 After Gov Uzodimma’s Second Term If He Wins Nov 11 Guber

by admin

By Ebubeagu Ekenulo
Activist & Convener

I take strong exception to the 2nd Charter of equity recently put together by pro hope Uzodimma loyalists, friends, sympathisers and supporters because it is only and only predicated on achieving one thing, Gov Uzodimma’s 2nd term bid, whereas and with or with out this pro Gov Uzodimma’s charter of equity, Gov Uzodimma can still win his 2nd term bid based on the fact that he has done well in his first tenure thus far, and can also loose if the people just don’t want him any more for one imaginary or calibrated reason or the other.

This 2nd Imo charter of equity being touted is APC masterminded and didn’t take into account the interest of other opposition political parties.

This charter of equity is not a product of all the Political parties and stakeholders across party lines.

Major opposition Political parties like PDP, LP, APGA, AA etc and their stakeholders were not part of the today’s charter of equity being touted.

What happens to the hyped Charter of equity, if Gov Uzodimma fails to win his 2nd term bid on 11/11/23 ?

What happens to the hyped Charter of equity if Owerri zone PDP Senator Samdaddy Anyanwu or Okigwe zone LP Senator Athan Achonu wins the 11/11/23 Governorship election??

As we speak, leading opposition parties; PDP, LP, APGA and AA especially PDP and LP does not subscribe to the touted Imo charter of equity.

One is tempted to ask, what happened to the first Imo charter of equity?

If we actually want to deploy a workable charter of equity, it must start with Okigwe Zone to correct the injustice done to Dr Ikedi Ohakim, allow Ohakim to do and complete his Constitutional 2nd term after which Owerri zone takes a straight eight years unchallenged.

Charter of equity can only work when one zone takes its turn, no other zone will have a candidate.

Charter of equity must also be based on performance.

Do we allow a first term Governor who didn’t do well to the expectations of the vast majority of Imo people to benefit from Charter of equity?

Charter of equity must be based on the scale and balance of equity on all ramifications!!

If we want to speak truth to power, no charter of equity is in place as at today, if there is, Owerri and Okigwe zones won’t be parading candidates like PDP Senator Samdaddy Anyanwu, LP Senator Athan Achonu and AA Major Gen Lincoln Ogunewe etc.

The 11/11/2023 Governorship election is a fight to finish election for incumbent Gov Uzodimma, PDP Senator Anyanwu and LP Senator Achonu.

It is either Gov Uzodimma fights with all arsenals at his disposal to win 2nd term without relying on the so called Charter of equity or else PDP Senator Anyanwu or LP Senator Achonu will displace him…

This election won’t be a tea party or a walkover for any of the three Senators.

And I want to advise all the Candidates to have a rigging machine in place or you will be rigged out.

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