Imo Guber: Evang Joseph Ukaegbu (Ikenga), LP Candidate, Prof Protus Uzoma, Quintessential Deputy, Two People, Same Mind, One Goal For The Good Of Imo

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By: Fortunatus Onyedikachi
It is not arguable that our beloved Imo State, the one time fastest growing economy in Eastern Region and the celebrated award winning cleanest state in Nigeria, has become a shadow of itself.

As never experienced in the history of the state, poverty has become a stark reality that permeates all the fabrics of our state in an unimaginable proportion.
More than ever before, the once pride of the South East, is now deeply divided along various lines of negative tendencies.

Living in Imo has become brutish, just as life is worth 100 for less than a penny.

Killing, maiming and palpable fear fill the air everywhere. The cause is squarely placed at the door step of rudderless leadership laced with ineptitude and visionlessness of not only the incumbent administration, but most successive government of the state.
But the moment of suffering of the good people of Imo state seemed to have neared its end.

The Supreme Court landmark judgement by Justice John Inyang Okoro, delivered on Thursday 28th September 2023, which affirmed Evang.Joseph Ikechukwu Ukaegbu (Ikenga), as the authentic Imo Labour Party governorship candidate for the Saturday November 11, 2023 governorship election, is the right step towards electing the people’s government that will cleanse the putrid mess that has placed the state in consistent economic quagmire.

His Excellency, the Incoming Governor of Imo State, Evang. Joseph Ukaegbu, a man of immense capacity and deliverable ability, who has divine mandate to extricate Imo from the shackles of poverty, has regularly explained that his emergence of the governor of Imo State will come with a lease of Air that will change the ugly narratives for our dear state. The Air which he encapsulated in 3 letter words to represent A: Agriculture, I: Infrastructure, R: Reorientation, will turn the fragile fortune of the state to a gold mine when implemented in full swoop.

For Imo people, His Excellency has started on sound note by injecting the first fresh air he envisioned into Imo’s atmosphere, by his choice of Prof Protus Nathan Uzorma, popularly known as the Reformer, as his deputy.
It is therefore true that when the hand of God is in a project, he orders everything aright.

Prof Protus is an intellectual giant, a great mobilizer, grassroots delight with global outlook.

His major strength lies in his gregariousness, love for the pensioners, the youths, the women, the poor and lowly while maintaining his cordiality with the elites.

It is important to mention that of all the deputy candidates of the political parties in the forthcoming governorship election, non can match Prof Protus’ intimidating personal attributes and sterling resume. It is either they are too separated from the people-elitists, or lagging behind in managerial prowess required of a kind of deputy governor Imo needs at a time like this when the state is in a precipice requiring salvation.

His rich intellectual standing, verse experience and broad worldview which he will brings to governance are key to leapfrogging the state from abyss of misery to abundance.

He is an erudite Professor that has prepared and mentored hundreds of people both in character and in learning.

Prof is a rounded academics with double barrel PhDs from University of
Delaware USA, and Imo State University, Owerri, a Law degree holder (LLB) from Gregory University, Uturu among many other degrees, certificates and laurels.

His span of influence and impact on lives cuts across several citadel of learning both in Nigeria and abroad, including but not limited to Abia State University Uturu,​Carolina Christian University (African campus), University of Uyo, Gregory University Uturu, seminaries and several others.

Obviously the choice of Prof Protus as the deputy to His Excellency is divinely orchestrated for the good of Imo.

It is not for nothing that that he was crowned the Mayor of Imo Youths.
He is a renowned social critic who has deployed his natural assets to demand from government enhanced life and provision of all things necessary for standard living for Imo Youths.

Despite his elevated status by grace, he is close to his community, culture and people. He has successfully driven many social-cultural organizations both across the zones of Orlu, Owerri and OKigwe. He is currently the Secretary- General of Orlu Elders Council, a most formidable socio-cultural organization that brings all the elites and best brains of Orlu Zone together.

There is no need stating the fact that the combination of His Excellency, Evang. Joseph Ikechukwu Ukaegbu (Ikenga) as the Governor of Imo State by the grace of God, and Professor Protus Nathan Uzorma, as his deputy, is a choice that Imo people will live to remember for a very long time.

The duo will engrave a mark on the annals of history as the leaders of Imo State government that set the state free from the shackles of dependency, poverty and insecurity to the bliss of good governance, abundance peace.

A vote for Labour Party on Saturday, Nov 11, 2023 will guarantee that.

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