Owerri zone has not been in short supply of men and women of impeccable character who have excelled in various fields of endeavour. What is rather amiss in the zone is the absence of men and women with a burning passion, with overflowing  compassion for the people.

For a long period, Owerri zone comprising nine local governments, with a population of 1. 4 million people has stagnated, hunted by economic retardation, with the zone taking a huge chunk of the socio economic under- development which has ravaged Imo State.

Either due to inept or poor representation of the zone at State and National Assemblies by past and present representatives, or perhaps failure of past governments in the State to live up to expectations, the zone has lagged behind in infrastructure and  economic growth for it’s people. And Politically, It is the weeping child of the Imo political family.

The sorry narrative about Owerri zone is regrettable. The  zone is a sad reminder of the inability of stakeholders, to congregate and voice out their displeasure to the bandwagon of “Johnny Just Come” who leapfrogged on the political or leadership podium of the zone and are completely bereft  of the political and economic challenges which plague it.

However, as the 2023 elections draws close, there is a growing consensus, that the zone should shop for new names and fresh faces to join the race for various elective positions.

A Watchdog group, the Imo Awareness Coalition, IAC, had in a statement  recently said the 2023 elections in Imo State, offers a fresh opportunity for new names and faces to join the race for elective offices and seek the votes of Imolites. The group contend that only fresh faces and new names in the political arena will change the fortunes of the zone.

The Watchdog decried a situation, well known old faces and names in the political turf in the State, including Owerri zone continually dominate every election cycle.

The Watchdog stated  “The same set of political players, recycled politicians continue to take the centre stage in the political arena of the State. This limits options for the Imo electorate to make informed choices on who should be voted for or not, during elections.

“This is a regrettable development and we call on Imolites, who have excelled in various fields of human endeavour and attained commanding heights in business, in commerce, in ICT, in real estate, Oil and Gas, purveyors of philanthropy, to come forward and join the 2023 political contest” the IAC stated.

One of the new faces or names  in Owerri zone who has demonstrated enormous capacity to change the sorry narrative in the zone, is undoubtedly, Prince Dr Alex Mbata,  businessman cum politician, philanthropist extraordinaire who has attained commanding heights in various sectors of Nigeria’s turbulent economy.

From Oil and gas, real estate and manufacturing, Mbata has achieved overwhelming success. And he belongs to the category of the much sought new names and a fresh face, who should take over the political landscape in Owerri zone in  2023.

A full blooded Prince of  Ngwoma Obube in Owerri North LGA, Mbata is a pillar of success, a man of excellence.A cosmopolitan and cerebral, whose burning passion for the people of Owerri zone he has continuously exhibited. 

In business, in philanthropy and academia, he has attained the zenith. Such feat he will replicate in the murky waters of  politics.
Through his Humanitarian Foundation, he has engaged in life changing humanitarian activities for thousands of people   in Owerri zone and  beyond.


ABM as known in the corporate world does not belong to the club of elite oppressors who prey on the needy for self gratification, adulation or for political gain. He is neither the perfect definition of a typical Nigerian politician, who dispenses favour and goodwill to reap political gain or followership in return.

Rather, Mbata has remained an unrepentant promoter of public good with verifiable chains of humanitarian deeds and actions. 
On December 16, 2021, his PAM Foundation unveiled the biggest empowerment programme in Imo State, worth over N1 billion naira.Benefactors were drawn from 109 INEC wards in Owerri zone. And they went home with various empowerment equipment and cash, which would certainly add value to their lives and lift the vulnerable amongst them from poverty.

Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma, visibly overwhelmed with Mbata’s massive empowerment programme, held at Heroes Square, Owerri called on public office holders to emulate him.

He said “I m deeply touched by this act of philanthropy by Dr. Mbata by touching the poor and the vulnerable

“I call on public office holders in the State who receive money from government coffers to emulate Dr. Mbata and support their people.

“I want on behalf of Government and the entire people of Imo State carry bundles of greetings to Prince Alex Mbata, for finding a space in his heart to partner with government in this direction. God will bless him, God will bless his community, God will bless Owerri zone, God will bless Imo State, indeed God will bless Nigeria.

Mbata is a rare breed, a fresh face who can lead a golden generation of emerging leaders in Owerri zone to change the sorry pitiable state of the zone.  And it is time such man of exceptional quality  represent the zone in the Senate.

One of the new faces or names in Owerri zone who has demonstrated enormous capacity to change the sorry narrative in the zone, is undoubtedly, Prince Dr Alex Mbata, businessman cum politician, philanthropist extraordinaire, who has attained commanding heights in various sectors of Nigeria’s turbulent economy”



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